Bulletproof provides mental strength coaching to golfers wanting help to realise their full potential.

Bulletproof mental strength coaching provides golfers with a range of mental strategies that enables them to reach their goals, become better people and enjoy life more.  Bulletproof Golf is both a blueprint for great golf and a road map for how to live a happy and fulfilling life.


Bulletproof can help you…

Manage your body, mind and emotions.

Direct your thoughts & actions towards your dreams & goals.

Increase motivation and confidence.

Be more self-confident. 

Play in the zone for longer.

Accelerate your learning.

Develop an optimal balance of mind and body.

Use proven techniques from gold medal winning athletes.

Take your game to the next level.

Eliminate negatives from your game.

Be at your best when it counts the most.

Discover your hidden potential.


How we work:

Bulletproof programmes combine the best tools and strategies, group learning and 1:1 coaching.  If you are interested in becoming a peak performer, we can help.  Your success is our business.


Traits displayed by bulletproof Golfers include:  




Make better decisions that lead to improved performance and results.

Committed to making their “A game” their everyday game.

More flexibility in the way they think and are generally happier and able to think smarter.




The ability to manage their body, mind and emotions.

Better decision-making as they are calmer and more intuitive.

Improved game and scores.

The ability to enter and stay in the zone more often.  




Increased concentration and mental focus.

Greater self-awareness.  They understand how they think. what drives their behaviour on course and are equipped to meet the challenges of the game with confidence and a smile on their faces.  


If you could realise every last bit of your sports potential, where could it take you?



When you ask sportspeople where they want to go, the answer is generally easy.  But the how?  That’s harder.

Whatever your ‘where’ is – winning the championship, improving your average, having greater confidence, becoming the greatest – BulletProof mental strength coaching will help you unlock the potential that enables you to win in the areas that matter to you most.


Results are:

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If you care about being a great golfer and want to enjoy the game more, then Bulletproof is for you.